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The Greyhound

Race A Chaser Greyhound SyndicationsNoakis Girl was purchased for Race A Chaser Syndications at the Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV) Ready 2 Race Auctions and has proven to be a terrific buy from her limited starts to date.

Noakis Girl is exceptionally well bred and the Race A Chaser Noaki Syndicate can reasonably look forward to an exciting breeding career after a race career. Noaki was purchased based on her trial efforts during the Bendigo R2R auction series. It was our opinion that Noakis Girl has considerable upside on her exposed form and she would develop in to a classy performer with a strong breeding career to follow.

Noakis Girl has great early speed and is a tenacious chaser and we expect plenty more wins out of her before she heads to the breeding barn.

If you are interested in purchasing a share, please contact Syndicate Manager Tatum Osborne Young on 0429 090 683 or alternatively you can send us an email.

Noaki Syndicate Shares For Sale Now

Name Noakis Girl
Sire Big Daddy Cool
Dam Noaki Pace
Whelped 30th September 2012
Record 12st: 6-1-2
Trainer Kelly and Brett Bravo (Vic)
Status Racing
Price $2,200 a 5% share
Shares are now on sale. Noakis Girl is currently racing.